Gulf of love

I don’t ask for much;
I never do.

But there’s a thing I’d like to ask from you.

Will you look something up for me?

I need you to first know the thing;

I want you to see.

Open Google.

Type ‘Gulf of Alaska’ and just look.

Look how two oceans meet,

But they don’t mix.

Look how they become one,

Yet their originalities aren’t lost in their kiss.

I want our love to be just like this.

I fell in love with you because of who you were.

You fell in love with me because of who I was.

And losing ourselves for each other doesn’t sound fair.

So, let’s meet.

But let’s not mix.

Let’s become one.

But let’s not lose our originalities in our kiss.

Let’s love each other.

But let it not be our own selves whom we’d later miss.


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