Friend Request

“Why is he sending a Friend Request to me again? Doesn’t he get that I don’t want to add him?” she sighed with frustration.

“Well, add him then. What’s the problem?” asked her friend.

“No way! I have pictures of me and my boyfriend on my wall. I can’t just add anybody as a friend on Facebook. Does a thing called privacy even exist?” she said and fumed.

“Fine. Then let his request rot in the list of your pending Friend Requests then. Nevertheless, your follower count will increase,” her friend said.

“Good idea,” she said as she shut her laptop.


“So, first I have to click on this picture, and then this blue button and it’s done. See?” the fourteen-year-old told him

The fourteen-year-old stayed at a neighbour’s house.

“Yes, okay,” he said as his trembling fingers hovered over the mouse.

“Go on, Grandpa,” the kid said.

“Let me try. I’ll send a friend request to my grand-daughter. She is twenty, you know. She studies in a college in Delhi,” he explains to the fourteen-year-old.

The kid smiles sadly. He has been teaching the old man how to use Facebook since the last three months. 

The old man has Alzheimer’s. The kid teaches him how to use Facebook over and over again. And every single time, the old man sends a Friend Request to his only grand-daughter and his grand-daughter rejects it.

Little does the old man know that his requests are being rejected. Instead, he claps with child-like glee after having successfully sent a Friend Request.


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