The death of butterflies

Butterfly – noun

Plural noun: butterflies

1. A nectar-feeding insect with two pairs of large, typically brightly coloured wings that are covered with microscopic scales. Butterflies are distinguished from moths by having clubbed or dilated antennae, holding their wings erect when at rest, and being active by day. Having a two-lobed shape resembling the spread wings of a butterfly.

Modifier noun: butterfly

A showy or frivolous person.

“a social butterfly”

2. A fluttering and nauseous sensation felt in the stomach when one is nervous.

3. A stroke in swimming in which both arms are raised out of the water and lifted forwards together.

Tell me now,

when you saw him for the first time,

did you feel what is written

in point 2 above?

Did the butterflies in your belly

do a little dance

when you touched for the first time

or when you kissed for the first time?

You see, the butterflies always flutter in your belly

only during the firsts of all times.

They reduce slowly;

They die.

And somehow, you kill your love

with their death.

No butterflies;

No love.

Isn’t it simple?

But then,

read point 2 again, and again,

and again.

Read how the word ‘nervous’ is used.

Notice the absence of ‘love’.

Realise that we aren’t nervous

around the ones we love.

Realise why the butterflies die

and why the death of butterflies

means the birth of love.

And, love.

Isn’t it simpler?

Love the moments, the person, the feel;

Travel with them, scream and squeal.

Love the imperfections, the future, the past;

Love the present for as long as it lasts.

Love the way the butterflies die,

and keep loving till the last one of them bids goodbye;

Who knew, love could live with the death of butterflies?


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